Why should you
join STC

Join our company and become part of an elite team of India's most innovative professionals. As one of India's fastest-growing startups, we provide a platform for young professionals to work closely with elected representatives, and decision-makers, and contribute to good governance.

By joining us, you can drive meaningful change in society and address relevant issues and concerns. Together, let's make a lasting impact on our nation and shape a better future.

Team work

This is a domain where you will get to work with different teams collaboratively to bring out the best outcomes for our client, which in fact builds comradery along with shaping us as an individual.

Secured future

Political consulting is a booming domain where anyone and everyone with an interest in politics can be a part of and thrive in it and STC is the platform to start your career in being a part of something which can shape the society.

Learning opportunities

If you’re someone who is eager to learn about politics then this is the place for you where the learning opportunity is endless. Here in STC learning will be both vertical and horizontal, giving importance to every employee equally

Upgrade skills

Working in STC will for sure bring one out of their comfort zone by helping in upgrading their skillset as well as challenges with new approaches to manage the work in a more efficient way.

Let’s Grow Together

Culture & Values we follow

  • Everyone matters, no matter their level in the organization.
  • We work in a way that is fair and honest, and we do the right things all the times.
  • We give employees the freedom to utilize their skills to provide solutions rather than boxing them into a fixed format.
  • We approach challenges with passion, aiming for excellence in everything we do.
  • We are more successful when we trust each other and work together

Note: One person can apply only one job post else rejected!!!