"Did you know ever since political consulting has begun in India, the youth has the opportunity to actively contribute towards the betterment of the country?"

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Robbin has previously been a part of the founding team of CAG and IPAC where he handled some of the biggest campaigns across state and national levels. The Chai Pe Charcha movement was Robbin’s brainchild and he oversaw the pitch, design, marketing and execution of the campaign across more than 1000 locations in India. Furthermore, he was the State Head for Uttar Pradesh campaign in the 2014 General Elections.


Robbin was instrumental in the design and end-to-end execution of the cycle campaign (Har Ghar Har Mann) for JD(U) in Bihar. The campaign used over 5000 cycles and took Nitish Kumar’s ‘Saat Nishchay’ (seven promises) to the farthest corners of rural Bihar. Additionally, Robbin has also been a part of the leadership and campaign strategy team for the Uttar Pradesh and Punjab assembly elections for 2017.


Alongside these campaigns, Robbin Sharrma also co-founded the first-of-its-kind Neta App, a social network for the general public to create performance polls and rate their elected representatives. Neta was instrumental in conducting surveys and making predictions for election outcomes.

Robin Sharma


Message From Director

One might argue that political consultancy arrived in India around 2014. However, I believe that political strategy is among all things ancient and Indian. Consider, for example, the battle of Mahabharata, where Lord Krishna reminds a reluctant Arjuna of his duty and steers Pandavas to victory in Kurukshetra. Or shall we recall Chanakya – who looked at statecraft purely from the point of view of strategy 1500 years before Machiavelli and Michel de Montaigne? India was a fertile ground for political strategy long before the modern age or the advent of scientific temperament.

At ShowTime, we look for modern Chanakyas across global premiere institutions. We deploy the latest methods and techniques to achieve optimal results for our clients and help them adapt to the ever-evolving world. As a domain leader since its inception, I have learnt a great deal from my experience. I’m proud that Showtime Consulting is one of the largest and fastest-growing organisations in this domain and holds the record of being the only one appointed for five years by any political party. All credit goes to the association of brilliant minds called Team STC.

Robin Sharrma



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