About Us

We are an elite team of India’s most innovative professionals. Our past work includes building wildly successful organizations, driving large scale campaigns in the remotest parts of India, and solving highly challenging problems. We are currently one of India’s fastest growing startups.

This team has now transformed itself as a platform for young professionals who wish to work closely with elected representatives, decision makers and be a part of governance of the country. We strive for a meaningful change towards society by highlighting issues and problems that concern them the most.

Our founder has earlier been part of the founding team of CAG and IPAC where he has handled some of the biggest states and large scale programs in the country.

Indian elections are essentially a grassroots exercise and while we aim to modernize political campaigns, we also give equal strategic weightage to traditional methods in order to make our campaigns more people-centric. Every day, our team works meticulously on strategies for some of the biggest names in Indian politics. For us, every moment is ShowTime.